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Quality engineered hardwoods, amazing luxurious vinyl tiles (LVT’s), complex and sophisticated tile collections, carpet, dimensional multimedia wall coverings or artistic finishes. When it comes to tile and flooring our well runs deep. And it should run deep, you know? For as many choices as we offer, we have folks with different styles and tastes who know that at Urbanata they can find exactly what they need.


Installation services are available for any tile and flooring purchased at Urbanata.

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Pental surfaces

Presented by Pental and beautifully displayed in one of the largest and most visited tile and stone showrooms in North America, it’s by far one of the best tile collections in town. Even better? They’re right around the corner!




Urbanata is proud to be the first Seattle dealer for Porcelanosa. They are hands down one of the most widely acclaimed tile collections on the scene, and a true leader in creating and building up the market of large format rectified tiles. Unmatched.




Owned by Porcelanosa, this line has a special place in the Urbanata 2018 collection. It’s the most exquisite product presented. Come check it out and we know you’ll agree. A guilty pleasure that you won’t feel the least bit guilty about wanting to surround yourself with.



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