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After their full condo remodel, our LA native Roanoke clients decided to make the move back down to Cali. Redondo Beach is hardly the worst place to be relocated for work, after all. Six months of searching later, they found a spot with a floor plan similar of the one they had loved so much in Seattle. The reverse floor plan came with amazing sunset views in the second floor living room, but the place was a total disaster. Every square inch of wall was covered with mirrors, outdated fixtures, with a non-functional kitchen to boot. Having had such a positive experience with Urbanata on their previous remodel, client and designer quickly rolled into another challenging and fast-paced full remodel. Mixing grain matched walnut veneer with high gloss lacquer in the kitchen, white oak horizontal grain doors stained to match the hardwoods, aluminum framed glass closet doors, a mix of large format tile, a stunning natural stone piece for the fireplace surround, with a Bocci art piece for over the kitchen counter…their new pad was complete, sunsets included.


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