Seattle Design & Remodel

Ready to remodel? We’re here to help. If you’re thinking about jumping in and taking the design and remodel journey with Urbanata, this is your page. Here, you’ll find a brief overview of the process and what you can expect from our highly experienced team. We hope you’ll find it helpful because we know this stuff can be overwhelming. First off? Breathe. We’ve got you. We know it’s a big decision, and we’re here to reassure you that working with our team is the right choice. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality to ensure you end up with a finished project that surpasses even our wildest dreams… And we dream big around here. Let’s get started!



When you work with our design and remodeling team here at Urbanata, the first thing we do is sit down and talk about your project. Wishes, goals, ideal outcomes—the big picture stuff. We listen closely to all of your ideas, taking care to incorporate each and every one of them into our overall design scheme. Next, we’ll formulate a plan to get there by defining your space. Are you doing a full home remodel? Perhaps you’re simply looking to update some kitchens and bathrooms. Once we get those parameters set, we can move into selecting product. Show us your personality! What makes you tick? Let us help you find a product that not only works for your space, but one that works for you. We’ll show you a wide range of options and provide suggestions to meet you budget and style. Once we have that handled, we’ll estimate an overall price for your project and create a design schematic that’ll show how everything works together. Congratulations! We’re on to step two!




Welcome to the planning portion of the program! Things are getting serious, yes? This is where we begin to really refine that design schematic we were talking about up above in the Design section. Everything gets fine-tuned in the planning phase, including the scope of work, quantity of product required, and budget. During planning, our team works closely with you to make your vision a reality, adding in our recommendations and guidance when necessary. We understand that each and every space in different, and we work diligently to incorporate your ideas into your design plan as seamlessly as possible. We also create for you your very own detailed construction timeline and order/secure all materials for your remodel. That way, you have a record of everything that is being added to your space and you can plan accordingly around the remodel. We’re getting close!





What do you think? Should we put it all together? It’s construction time! This is where all the planning comes to fruition. With our construction timeline and refined design schematic, the only thing left to do is roll up our sleeves and add a healthy dose of follow through (and some nails). When it comes to construction, our team here at Urbanata has you covered from corner to corner. Our construction crews are second to none, and with their in-depth knowledge of our product installation parameters and great working relationships with our designers, we ensure that your project is in good hands from start to finish. We utilize our decades of construction experience and the industry’s latest tools and technology to make your Seattle-area renovation vision come to life.




We did it! In the completion phase, we hope to present you with results that are even better than you imagined, giving you a grin that’s going to last a good, long while. This is always the goal, but there are occasions where little adjustments may need to be made. Now is the time to walk through and make sure everything is spot-on. We’ll take care of any last-minute hiccups so that you can get on with envisioning your brand-new kitchen drawers filled up with gadgets, or finding out if the rain shower in your master bath is all it’s cracked up to be (it totally is). Most importantly? We hope you enjoy just being at home as much as we’ve enjoyed helping you create it.



More ways we can help

Here at Urbanata, we are committed to bringing our clients the very best. That’s why we work diligently at every stage of the design and remodel process to ensure our results fully realize your vision and meet your needs. Whether you know exactly what you want in your space or are looking for assistance dreaming up a new kitchen and bathroom, our team is here to help. From initial design and planning, to construction, reworking, and other finishing touches, we’re your comprehensive remodel resource. Read on for more reasons why our team is the one to work with for all of your design and remodeling needs.


Delivery & Installation

With so many great product choices here at Urbanata, we don’t blame you for wanting it all. Sometimes, you just want to add finishing touches or make small changes; other times, you want a full-scale renovation, floor to ceiling. Either way, we’ve got the delivery and installation services to make it happen.

High Quality Products & Materials

Above, we mentioned our excellent selection of brand-name products. Here, we’ll talk about them. We proudly carry an incredible range of fixtures, appliances, and materials from some of the industry’s top manufacturers. When you work with us, our talented design team will gladly assist you in making the right selections and coordinating finishes for your project.

Get started on your next design and remodel; call today!