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Sophisticated, fully automated kitchen solutions with integrated lighting and organization. Dialing your master bath up from functional to spa level amazing. Media centers, complimentary furniture, and laundry room vanities galore. Transforming a closet into a showcase. Need we go on?

When it comes to your home remodel project, choosing the right cabinetry makes all the difference. Thankfully you can’t go wrong with the cabinetry selections at Urbanata…and with the help of our design team you’ll have no problem finding the right custom built-to-order choice just for you. 



Synonymous with beautiful, modern European cabinetry, these bespoke products are second to none in style and functionality. Bauformat combines the best of German engineering with innovative technology. We are confident in saying you will not find better cabinets anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. Simply Stunning.


Bellmont Cabinets

Seattle’s own metro area cabinet manufacturer, Bellmont is a well-known, fantastic product with an unmatched warranty. This family owned business is not only making the best cabinet on the local scene, it’s one of our oldest and most trusted vendors, and we’re proud to call it an Urbanata staple.

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