Spring Projects: A Brief

Spring is officially here! Okay, maybe not for everyone, considering the Northeast is still getting spurts of snowfall. But if we’re going by the Gregorian calendar, then spring has technically sprung. We all know what that means - no more seasonal depression, er, wait, I mean spring cleaning! Time to open the windows and get the stagnant air out, throw away everything you’ve been resentfully staring at all winter, perhaps rearrange the furniture, and bring new life to the house. I have a feeling anybody reading this in the Subtropics is laughing at me with our “seasons”, but consider this a time for a refresher no matter how few fluctuations in weather you may have. So where should you begin, and what makes it different than last spring? Consider the trends and apply them. And maybe, just maybe… this is the year of the remodel!


Clear out any clutter collected during the cold months.

When the windows are shut and blinds are closed, it’s easy to feel secluded from the outside world. You follow your routine, collect the mail, come inside and allow things to pile up because you just want to get out of the nasty weather and relax. But don’t worry, the sun is shining in through your open windows and there’s a connection to the outside once again. With that sunlight, it’s now easy to notice what has accumulated over fall and winter. So bust out the trash and recycling and get to work shoveling the mounds of litter off the shelves and out of your life.

Clean out the closet.


I’m not talking about the skeletons, though. Reassess your wardrobe; is it time to buy some new clothes to match the trends? Dig through and pull out everything; do you really need all this junk? Maybe it’s time to finally bite the bullet and make a decision on what stays and what goes. A good question to ask yourself is if you’ve used something in the last month. Is it really necessary if it’s just sitting and collecting dust? Perhaps you can sell it and get some money for new items around the house or new paint to liven up the walls. It’s easy to keep stockpiling clutter into spaces where it’s out of sight and out of mind, so closets can be quick to collect all your unwanted junk. Same with dressers; be sure to empty them out and give them the care that they need. Invest in drawer organizers so they don’t become the “everything” drawers that we all dread. Even though these things aren’t spotted on a daily basis, it’s amazing for your mental wellbeing to know in the back of your mind that it’s not just the surface that’s clean, but also what’s hidden from view.7

Organize your house, organize your life.

Now you’ve gotten all the clutter and trash out and you’re left with everything that still matters to you. Despite how much you may try to fight it, we can be materialistic and continually accumulate possessions. We all have our wants and needs, and when we feel we deserve something, we’re going for it. So despite all the mess being cleaned out, we’re left with more things than we had last year and there’s just no room to put it all. However, there’s usually always more clever ways to organize and arrange. Often times a lot of wall space isn’t utilized to its potential. If you have a storage area or a garage, consider buying some racks to hang from the walls to get the most of your vertical space. Additionally, is there anything you can hang from the ceiling? Get creative and use all the walls, not just the floor. Be mindful of your drawer space, as well, and don’t be using deep drawers to house only a shallow layer of items. Imagine yourself in a real life game of tetris and you want to be strategic about which items go in which drawers.

Is it finally the year of the remodel?

 Gracie and Viv - Daddy's helper - Taken May 28, 2007 ( c )

Gracie and Viv - Daddy's helper - Taken May 28, 2007 (c)

Has your family grown since last year and you’re finding you need more cabinet space? Maybe you’ve been living with your current arrangement for years and you just can’t take it anymore. It’s amazing how much you can be affected psychologically by a kitchen or bathroom that doesn’t work optimally for your needs. No need to consider a new house, a remodel can bring all the new life you ever need into an old home. Just like everything else, cabinets have also evolved to serve a more utilitarian purpose while increasing aesthetics. Don’t let a single cubic inch of room go to waste! Find an interior designer that will help you plan a remodel and before you know it you’ll have the exact home you’ve always dreamed of.

Sit back and enjoy the weather.

With all the messy work out of the way, now it’s time to reward yourself. Breathe in the fresh air from your clean home and grab a drink, maybe an iced tea or the Long Island varietal. All that’s left to do is take in some vitamin D and relax. Don’t forget to get the grill fired up!