Kitchen Pastels

This look was last at its height of popularity back in the 1950's. People were defiantly embracing color and pattern in a big way. I love that this is coming back. It is a joy to see pastel pinks and neutrals mixed with greens and blues in unexpected areas. The 50's were a time of advancement for technology and innovation where the kitchen was not only sleek and modern in design but had all of the latest appliances and gadgets. I feel like we are going in that same direction now with design and I am happy to see it happening again.

 Harmony Hues - Republic Steel Kitchens 1956 ( c )

Harmony Hues - Republic Steel Kitchens 1956 (c)

 Britta Frahm - Macrame - 2007 ( c )

Britta Frahm - Macrame - 2007 (c)

1960's Bohemian - The resurgence of the 1960's Bohemian style has been pervasive for the last couple of years, but lately, it seems to be everywhere. From fashion to, lifestyle to home decor, this hippy-esque, earthy, free spirit movement seems to be at its peak moment. Flowing garments with flowery prints, macrame plant holders, tribal patterns and handmade art pieces are the main elements of the style. I like this style but I prefer that it stays out of the mainstream culture. I have always thought of it as the style of rock stars, beats, political activists, and basically rebellious people on the fringes of society. It seems like it may not be staying too much longer because once something in fashion becomes so ubiquitous it is on its way out. 

The in-home 70's sunken conversation pit. I have always liked this idea! I have not always liked the way it was executed but the past is the past there are so many ways to improve and expand on this concept now that it is being revived. First of all carpet, no do not use carpet! Second of all this area does not need to be built in the middle of the room. The main thing to remember when creating this type of space for your guests is comfort. Use soft and comfortable upholstery, a ton of pillows and be sure that your guests have enough room to truly lounge. These are all of the necessary elements of this design. The textures, colors, and style you use are completely up to you and can be customized to your tastes and lifestyle. 


Wallpaper is back big time! The last time I remember wallpaper being used everywhere was in the 80's. It has been around forever, has made several comebacks in its lifetime and I believe that as a wallcovering material it keeps improving. There is so much more we can do with digital printing and customization. You can blow up a digital print to make an entire mural or you can draw your own patterns and have them printed. It is even becoming more environmentally friendly in the manufacturing process. Much of the products can be recycled as well. These are exciting times for this material.

Ok, I have given love to all of these nostalgic design practices and I an enjoying all of them. Everything as a time a place to shine. I am just wondering if anything is coming back from the 90's. What could possibly become popular again? This honestly scares me a bit. The 90's were a great time for music and horror movies but scarier than the horror movies were the architectural and design styles. Shiver!


by: Lori Williams