People Laugh at My Kitchen :-(

Kitchen laughter.jpg

Well, this is slightly a misleading title because I really cannot predict what your friends, family, and visitors are going to say when they see your new kitchen. I will say that I think laughter is a strange reaction to seeing someone's kitchen for the first time.

I have seen a few kitchens in my day, I am sure you have as well, and I do not recall my reaction to any of them being laughter. Horror, dismay, delight, pleasure, awe indeed, but I don’t know how common these reactions are either. I would think that some more common responses to seeing a kitchen new or otherwise would be “Oh, this is nice” or “Oh, my goodness, you need more light in here! How can you see to cook?”

I think that your kitchen is probably not the focal point of your home aesthetically speaking, although they can be pretty, stunning even, the kitchen is mainly there to help you function well and to get your tasks done with as little stress as possible. This is probably one of the reasons that a neutral such as white has become so popular right now. I will now tell you why white is super great for your kitchen and why you should still consider using some color. 

The most popular part of the kitchen to use all white in has been cabinets. What I have seen the most lately is a shaker door style cabinet paired with a white finish.  These are an excellent choice for many people as the shaker door style works well in a stylish kitchen or bath that has clean lines and not much frill but are also really easy to integrate into a more transitional and traditional design aesthetic.

Your cabinets will be the backdrop to your kitchen and are usually the first thing that people notice when seeing the space. White is a formidable choice to develop this background atmosphere. They can provide a brightness, and lightness in an area that is massively functional and may or may not get a lot of natural light.


I have also noticed an affinity for countertops that are white or have a white background, such as quartz with a Carrara marble look. These countertops look like marble but are much lower maintenance than the real thing, and this marble look pairs well with any style as well. I think pairing these two finish styles with something wood such as having a few cabinets in a wood finish or using a wood or wood look for your flooring is a great idea. Bringing in any natural material will warm up your space!  Plants are a good way to do this, and they can add some pops of color with no actual commitment. If only everything could be so easy! So all of this is great and a great start for choosing finishes. I am sure that if you use any combination of these finishes, function aside, and if you have some element of contrast you will have a good-looking kitchen. 


I would like to espouse some of the merits of color. Color is personal. It can change the mood of a space and how you feel in that space. Color is a great way to elevate a design, but it is scary. I know because color can also ruin an otherwise perfect area. Many issues can come up using color. First of all your colors have to work with the space, you need to make sure that you are not overwhelming the room or area with a bold color or diffusing the light in a smaller space with too much of a dark color. It is best to choose a color palette that you would like to work with and then use the colors in the palette strategically to maximize the available light. If used correctly color can create the mood you want.

It can also highlight the elements you would like to make more visible while camouflaging features that you would rather not call attention to. Whether you like softer, lighter colors, bright and bold colors, warm or cool shades and tones, there is a way to use color to personalize your space. If you would like to know more about how to customize your space with color it may be worth it to contact a local designer or color expert. A short consultation on color selection should not be costly, and the knowledge you gain will most likely help you to maximize the color potential in all of your spaces!