Morning Person or Night Owl

Making Your Master Bedroom Just Right


When it comes to designing your master bedroom what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Should it be light or dark? Bright or muted? TV or none? Are you a morning person or a night owl? What about your partner? Do they feel the same as you or do they even care about anything other than a good bed? 


When there are two of you sleeping there, it can either bring out the opposites in you or, happily, the similarities in your priorities for sleep. Start with the basic of creature comforts. First on the list is, of course, the best mattress you can afford. After all, you spend a third of your life there so it makes sense that the mattress should be your first priority. Next would be a good pillow, then the softest, most luxurious linens you can find. Ahhhhh...zzzzzz! The rest depends on the size of your suite, like end tables, lamps, side chair or two, area rug, art work. Nice!

But what about colors? Should you choose colors that you like to go to sleep to or that you like to wake up to?

If you are a morning person do you find yourself drawn to lighter, softer color palettes? They are relaxing enough to wake up slowly without jolting you out of your warm sheets too fast. Colors that reflect a bit of light without blinding your sleepy eyes.

Think light, medium, and darker color palettes. To balance the light colors I like to add punches of rich, dark colors with furniture and fabrics and then add elements of colors that are in between. The amount of light coming into the room can also be controlled with either black-out drapery or darker fabrics but it's nice to be able to see the morning light coming through just a little. Layers work well but keep in mind, white sheers actually make the light really bright so I like to pair them with more opaque fabrics.


On the other hand, perhaps you are a night owl and like to sleep in as late as possible whenever you can. Darker colors would certainly keep you in your blissful slumber all day. Darker colors also keep any reflection from the outside to a minimum no matter what time of day it is. Monochromatic, rich color palettes do well in this setting. 

Whatever your color palette is, no matter if you are a night owl or a morning person, master bedrooms should enhance sleep, not activity, other know! Keep clutter to the absolute minimum, incorporating only the most personal of memorabilia that you cherish. The same with artwork. Keep it to calming subjects, such as pictures of your loved ones who bring you the most peace and joy no matter what room you are in. Even when it comes to electronics, like TVs and computers. Make sure that is one thing that you and your partner agree on.

So, make your master suite your ultimate place of solitude and relaxation. It might take some doing but there are so many ways to make it just right for you!


By Marcy Willis, Staff Designer