Interior Design - A Practical Love Story

When we start envisioning our future homes, we start fantasizing about all the things that are made just for us, the precise square footage, the best materials, the perfect number of rooms, the most beautiful yard spaces, a dream kitchen, etc. All the wants and needs are unique to each home owner and their specific home, because they should be. But often, we can’t afford to build the home of our dreams or find the perfect piece of land, and even if we could, we’d run out of land way too quickly for everyone to have their forever home. So, we are left to look at what’s available in the built environment already.


Renovations have this notorious reputation for being stressful and overwhelming, because there are so many details that the home owner needs to approve. There is a relatively high volume of intertwined scheduling with installation of materials and furnishings, and construction/ contractor work to be completed before all of this can start. There is a huge financial investment that no one wants someone else to take advantage of, and often, we can become obsessed with trying to find cost savings which is admirable. There are so many tiny details that people just can’t expect to know all of them before starting a renovation project- What color & style is the base trim? What kind of lighting do you want: recessed, flush, semi flush, pendants, sconces? Where and how do you want these lights arranged? When is this material supposed to be arriving? When is the contractor going to install the flooring? What kind of flooring do you want/ need for the house v. what’s going to be the easiest to work with? What kind of molding do you want above the kitchen cabinets? How are the cabinets going to be styled? What do we do in this awkward space? How do we free up more circulation space? And the list of details and decisions just gets longer from there… For any one person, that is a lot to take on. Major kudos to you if that’s something you feel like you can handle, but for the rest of you out there that don’t want to take on that stress, put it on us!

Urbanata is a design and build service in Seattle, WA that welcomes that stress. Our design team has been trained to incorporate of these details when we are designing into a much more streamlined and narrowed view of focus. Narrowing down your options so that we are staying in your ideal style, your ideal budget, and your ideal material quality is what we want to provide you, the client. It is not our job to make decisions for you here, but to tag along and make the process more enjoyable and easy- we want your input! Sure, we can design beautiful spaces based off what we think would look best, but at the end of the day, this is going to be your home, your rock, your sanctuary… and you want that sanctuary to be perfectly designed for you, not everyone else, right? So, one of the many benefits of a design service like Urbanata is the use of talented designers to customize a space perfectly for you, with you. Allow us to help alleviate the stress of knowing what materials will be best fit for your space and budget, and allow us to use our expertise and education to help you decide where will be the best areas for cost savings while not sacrificing on quality. Allow us to help you help yourself.


Another great benefit to a design service like Urbanata is that we have the pleasure of creating relationships with some of the best material vendors in the market. There are TONS of different vendors and material options out there, and you shouldn’t have to research each one of them to know what the best product for you is going to be. We have expertise in this area, because we are working with these materials so often- we know how quartz compares to granite, solid surfaces, and engineered stone surface options; we know the difference between a quality cabinet and a cheap one; we know the difference between hardwood v. engineered v. vinyl v. tile and so on; we know the limitations of these materials and also how these materials should be used. While our relationship with these vendors allows us to gain more knowledge on what the product can do, we are also providing you, the client, with some options that you can only get through a dealer. Some material or appliance vendors will only sell their product to a dealer, like Urbanata, which in turn makes their product more exclusive and hard to find. While it sounds like that may be a negative, it is beneficial for both of us, the client and the design service, because that means that we are getting the product at a better price point than most who want to buy it via retail directly. Most design services, especially Urbanata, welcome sharing that savings with their clients because it entices clients/ investors to want to work with us so they can save some money too, which we all want!

 Among the relationships we garner through these vendor partnerships, design services are a great resource for project management and trustworthy contracting work. Because businesses, like Urbanata, are constantly designing new projects for our clients, we must have a contracting group we trust. It so happens that we trust them so much that we have absorbed them as part of our staff so we can provide our clients assistance through the design process, from the very beginning brainstorming stages all the way to the final installation and touch up stages. It’s become a huge benefit to offer these services in house because it allows for the design to bounce off not just a designer’s mind, but also the person who is going to be physically handling the materials; it just adds an extra depth to our knowledge base of understanding how these materials should be used and in what ways. We also work with a bunch of contractors that specialize in electrical work, flooring installation, plumbing work, tile installation, cabinet installation, and framing/ demolition work, among other things. We have those connections to make it easier on us to be a part of the renovation process and to be more approachable for home owners and investors to come in for a one-stop shop for all their home remodeling needs; our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you, the end-user. There is also the added benefit of design service companies offering project management as one of the services, which allows us to worry and stress about the schedules and installation process for you; this, in no way, is meant to remove you from the process, but to keep you as stress-free as possible through it. Allow us to help you from start to finish, or just let us help you get going in the right direction. However, it works out, Urbanata will have your back because we want our clients to be happy in the spaces we help them create. If you are happy, that keeps us busy, working, and well…in business. 

by: Jake Neidlinger