SEVEN Trends that should finally Go Away

  1. Accent walls
  2. Popcorn ceilings
  3. TVs over the fireplace
  4. Mirrors everywhere
  5.  Oversized sectionals in your living room
  6. Curtains (not drapes)
  7. Vertical blinds on patio doors
fireplace tv.jpg

I have tried to relate to the design theory of an accent wall, but never been able to wrap my head around the sense of having a turquoise colored wall in the middle of a pale yellow, or taupe painted surrounding. I get that they are all part of providing texture and serving as a way of dividing a room in small spaces, but to me they serve as a distraction.  An unnecessary one.  You don’t need a wall to distract you – go with the natural environment instead – be it foliage or a city skyscape. 

popcorn ceiling.gif

Please STOP finishing the space above your head with a popcorn effect.  Anything that predates 1978 probably contains asbestos as well. A smooth white ceiling plastered to perfection is super cool, easy on the eye, and absolutely the right way to finish a ceiling.



I do get the thinking behind having a large screen sitting just above your fireplace.  The logic being that it is nice to sit in front of a fire and watch your favorite TV series, movie or football game.  Believe me though, nothing, absolutely nothing, serves as a permanent conversation stopper than this. That apart you will probably develop neck pain from sitting and watching a screen that is too high.  TV’s like paintings should be at eye level. And, I read somewhere electronics should not be hung, near smoke. 


Designers probably introduced the concept of mirrors everywhere, and yes for sure it does lend an illusion of space apart from creating an illusion of no doors, so you sometimes walk into them… again, this is a design trend that needs to simply go away.  Mirrors of varying shapes and sizes are far nicer placed on a wall proportionately, versus hung top to bottom, end to end.

Oversized sectionals in your living room, is another trend that needs to end!  Sectionals like mirrors, should be in proportion with the size of your living space and not to serve some multifunctional task of sitting, sleeping, eating, reading, slouching, kind of purpose.  Sure, something like that can be great if you have a family room, but it should absolutely NOT be in your sitting room or anywhere in a formal space you intend to entertain.  Have a sofa instead.  And please do not call it a couch.

Most people are either confused or simply not aware of the difference between curtains and drapes.  Curtains are usually silky pieces of material (not lined) that flutter in the wind.  They do not come pleated as do drapes, they do not shut out the light, (with the exception of black-out curtains, which are great) they do not provide a formal look to your living room, versus drapery which will actually define a room.

And last but certainly not least – horror of horrors! – are vertical blinds hung, inside patio doors.  A. They keep falling off.  B. They are almost always very poor quality. C. They do not hang sheer. 


By: Frederica Jansz

Photo: John Markos O’Nelll, PICT0009 Courtesy of Creative Commons



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