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Some people love luxury cars. Others can’t live without their designer shoes. For us? It’s appliances. Give us a sleek European stovetop or a modern retro mixer and we’re in heaven. We are so proud of the appliances we’ve worked so hard to curate here at Urbanata, and we stand behind each stunning choice not just because of how sexy they look in your kitchen, but because of how they perform.


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Smeg is what happens when high quality performance and technology meets modern retro style done right. Urbanata is proud to be one of the first Smeg Dealers in the Western States because they’re Just. That. Cool.

Fagor Product by Urbanata


We selected Fagor for their innovation, quality, and performance. This trifecta of European appliance lines combines modern aesthetics with a modest budget so yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. Win!

Fhiaba Product by Urbanata


Fhiaba is simply the best on the market. Commercial performance right in your home. An investment that’s not only built to last, but made to impress. Trust us when we say it. We’re impressed.



Welcome SOFIA, by Fulgor Milano. Built for North America and introduced in 2015, the quality of their cooktops and ovens made it downright impossible for Urbanata not to be drawn right in to this newcomer of a professional range. We know you will be, too.



Be it built-in, island, integrated, or wall chimney, Faber does kitchen ventilation right. An iconic brand that adds its own spin to any contemporary kitchen design. We’re proud to have them in our line-up!



From Italy, we bring you Falmec. Transforming kitchen ventilation into art without sacrificing performance? Yes please!



Yes, we know. Who uses compactors anymore? We do! Krüshr is made to blend in, it’s built to work, and it saves space. It really crushes. Boom. Mic drop.


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