Design/Build | Kitchen & Bath


What Urbanata Does

We design beautiful kitchens, baths and offer innovative yet timeless products with a modern aesthetic and then professionally install them for our clients.

We provide an amazing retail showroom so that you may easily visualize your space and make meaningful selections.

We communicate every step of the way, making sure all parties are up-to-date, timelines are maintained and projects are completed on time, every time. 

When you come to Urbanata, we listen carefully to what you're looking for and turn that into the gorgeous space you've been wishing for.


How Urbanata Does It

Our team learns about your project by asking the right questions, investigating the space(s) and developing a relationship with you. We define the project with you and then provide you amazing design services.

Once the design phase is completed, we manage your project, communicate timelines, milestones and expectations and then professionally install the selected products and materials; transforming your space into your beautifully completed project.

We take the often overwhelming and sometimes frustrating elements out of the remodeling and renovation process and replace it with a sense of excitement and accomplishment.

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Modern Design

Highly skilled, educated and friendly designers work with you through the process of bringing your project to fruition. From product selection to design layout, the professionals here at Urbanata make it their mission to listen, collaborate with your existing team, and help guide you through the process of realizing timeless modern living spaces that will delight and inspire you. 

Quality Products

Our team has carefully selected a range of excellent products from virtually every area of home design. You'll find a selection of curated products including cabinetry, flooring, tiles and fixtures, amazing appliances - virtually everything you need to turn your home remodel vision into a reality. Our product lines are chosen for their high quality and exquisite beauty.

Professional Services

Urbanata's project management, purchasing, installation and logistical staff work together to seamlessly execute the design you and our designers have developed. We coordinate to create convenient and timely milestones and timeliness and both efficiently and effectively communicate what is happening along every step. You'll be pleased with not only the look but with our service as well.