Be at home.

At Urbanata, we strive for you to relish in being at home. To melt into a long bath with a good book, or cook satisfying meals for friends. Our passion is making impeccable modern home design easy so that your passion can be spending more time in your socks.


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What We Do

At Urbanata we believe your home should be a place that defines and recharges you, and the process for achieving your own personal haven should be a positive, empowering one. Wouldn’t it be amazing? It’s why we’ve taken an evolved approach to home design.

Our business model is simple. Offer our clients great products, beautiful contemporary design, and a full spectrum of installation services for a one stop home remodel experience that seamlessly blends timeless modern design and function tailored just for you.  


Modern Design

You’ll find the best designers in the business ready to help you through the process of bringing your perfect idea of home to fruition at Urbanata. From product selection to design layout, the professionals here at Urbanata make it their mission to listen, collaborate with your existing team, and help guide you through the process of realizing timeless modern living spaces that will delight and inspire you to sleep in on the weekends and have some breakfast in bed for a change.

Quality Products

When you walk into our showroom, you’ll find a wonderland of carefully curated home design products. Cabinetry, flooring, tiles and fixtures. Amazing appliances. Everything you need to turn your home remodel vision into a reality. Sourced by discerning industry professionals, our product lines are chosen for their high quality and ability to work in tandem with one another for a finished look that’ll knock your socks off. Speaking of no socks… Heated floors anyone? Inquire within!

Professional Services

You’ve chosen what you want. You’ve seen the layout. Looks amazing on paper, right? Well then! Time to get it done! Urbanata runs the gamut of project coordination, project management, and professional installation services that’ll ensure your home is in good hands. We’re dedicated to bringing the process full circle smoothly and efficiently so that you can get to the good part; Staycation.


Industry Insiders

Hello to all you designers and architects, builders and developers! Urbanata loves building relationships with like-minded industry professionals like yourselves. Visit our Industry Insiders page to find out more.




Our Story

Our story as Urbanata begins in 2011, born out of a collaboration of industry vets who’ve worked together for close to twenty years, love what they do, and who saw a gap in the home remodel industry which really didn’t need to be there. The process wasn’t very streamlined or user friendly for clients. The solution? To develop what has become a one stop shop for quality products, modern design, and professional remodel services, all under one roof. 


People have really resonated with our idea, too, it seems. Through word of mouth referrals, repeat business, and trust in our concept of in-house collaboration from start to finish we’ve continued to grow and evolve and do what we love; create beautiful and unique modern living spaces just for you. So, from the tallest rooftops (which are statistically better for carrying sound faster and more efficiently…we checked), a big shout out to our clients! Urbanata thanks you for being such a big part of our story! 


Our Team

Although we hope you stop by to meet us in person (wink wink), we hope you enjoy learning a few little tidbits about our Urbanata design showroom team, our collective backgrounds, and what motivates us to do what we do. We’d also be remiss if we didn’t give a shout out to all the great folks who work with us remotely to help create amazing home remodel projects for our clients. We wish we could list you all!


Valentin Stoev

Founder & CEO

Born in Varna, Bulgaria, Valentin Stoev spent his youth in different parts of Europe, gaining knowledge in architecture, design and business. He moved to Seattle in the late 90’s and found himself really resonating with the local residential design and construction scene. Val’s extensive knowledge, experience, and passion in modern design were pivotal in eventually founding Urbanata and its client-centric business model, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more hands-on Founder/CEO.


J.D. Nesbitt


J.D. Nesbitt comes to Seattle by way of Indianapolis with an extensive design background and in-depth knowledge of the home remodel industry, having previously co-founded his own residential interior design firm. He's a practicing minimalist currently residing in 200 sq. ft., with a love of all things minimalism and tiny home related. J.D. joined Urbanata because of a love of contemporary design and a desire to work with European styled spaces, materials and finishes. His talent, keen eye for detail, and disdain for inefficiency made him the perfect choice to transition from designer into our trusted COO and helm Urbanata's day to day operations.


Aysin Yenigun

Senior Designer

Aysin Yenigun’s background combines years spent in engineering, architectural interior design, and extensive international travel. Although she’s helmed her own wildly successful interior design business, we’re so fortunate here at Urbanata that she finds the collaborative and creative team environment we strive for to be a great fit for her fantastic modern style and design prowess. Lucky us, lucky clients!!

Steve Hunter


Meet Steve Hunter, who hails from Detroit but has called the Pacific Northwest home for the last 40 years. Steve has always been involved in the home industry, with his love for residential design stemming from a long history in local real estate development. With years spent in the field gaining unmatched knowledge in home remodeling, he’s up for any kitchen or bath remodel challenge that comes his way.


Nadia Godfrey

Showroom Coordinator

Every office needs a people person, and at Urbanata that means Nadia Godfrey. Her endless enthusiasm and creativity are perfect match to meet our multitasking design showroom needs. With a background ranging from business to sales to construction, she’s a huge part of what makes Urbanata tick. We’re so happy to have her as such an integral point person on our ongoing projects, in our showroom, and as a great resource for clients and potential clients!

Joe Goldsmith

Warehouse Manager

Another Pacific Northwest native, meet Joe Goldsmith, our warehouse manager. You never know how important the day to day logistical juggle of a busy warehouse such as ours is until something goes haywire. Thankfully we don’t ever have to worry about that happening because Joe is a superstar and keeps us in smooth sailing mode efficiently and with aplomb.


Petr Vrsek

Service Team Manager

Born and raised in Seattle, Petr Vrsek started out painting around town and grew himself into quite the general contractor with his own thriving general contracting business. He offers a unique perspective on Seattle’s growing and changing home design industry over the years, quite literally, because he’s been growing it and changing with nail at a time. With an eagle eye for all aspects of construction as well as an in-depth understanding of home renovation, Petr has proven to be indispensable as Urbanata’s resident Superintendent

Dumitru Stavila

Finish Carpernter

Hailing from Moldova, Dumitru Stavila has been working in construction since high school, and his big move to Seattle in 2012 has done nothing to slow down his passion for design and architecture. Over the years, he’s garnered an extensive knowledge with both indoor and outdoor remodeling, with a specialty in immaculate kitchen cabinet work.



Want to join the Urbanata team? We’re always looking for talented people who love modern design as much as we do! Get in touch by sending your resume to