Slab Art

SlabArt creates original designs—artisanal furniture and art objects, including custom designs tailored to our needs—from locally salvaged trees. Sourced in and around the Puget Sound area from locally salvaged trees, their designs bring the environmental surroundings of the Northwest into our immediate living space. You can read the narrative of the tree’s growth in visual clues such as spalting, quilting, compressed grain around knots, and mineral streaks. Sometimes you’ll even find a nail or object embedded in the wood— which they leave intact, as part of the tree’s story. SlabArt designs complement this engrained history. SlabArt designs include cabinets, dining tables, coffee tables, ottomans, benches, and smaller items. Their clients range from restaurants and corporations to homeowners and individuals interested in sustainable, original woodworking designs.

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4100 4th Avenue South,

Seattle, WA 98134

Phone. 206-267-1737

Fax. 206-299-3919