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Bamboo Decking By Zometek

ZomeTek's iBeam bamboo composite decking is made using a new type of composite material made by mixing natural bamboo fiber with 100% recycled plastics. This construction-grade material is a strong, moisture-resistant composite, engineered to endure abuse of all types including rain, rot, snow, ice, sand and heavy traffic. The surface looks great with its natural wood appearance and requires minimal maintenance. Their iBeam bamboo composite deck planks are extruded from unique, high-pressure and temperature machines. This results in each piece being knot free and consistent in size, color and length eliminating the need to search for the "perfect piece".

Available in several colors, as well as in plank and tile formats, our decking is backed by a 15-year warranty. This revolutionary decking solution allows you to sit back and enjoy your outdoor life with friends and family. Bamboo Composite Decking Planks and Tiles are a safe, environmentally-responsible alternative to traditional wood or plastic decking. You are conserving our planet's precious forest resources and helping decrease plastic landfill pollution by using our Bamboo Composite products.
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Bamboo Fencing By Bamboo Hardwoods

All of our fences are made with fully matured bamboo and brush, chosen for consistent quality and color. They are wired together with a strong, galvanized steel or copper wire and then rolled for an easy-to-transport bundle. Our fences are also easy to install and time-saving as the majority of the work is already done. Simply unroll and attach to an existing chain link fence or post-and-beam fence frame, making for a permanent fixture. Exterior uses may include building a new fence, covering an existing fence, or adding height to a cinderblock wall. Interior uses may include use on ceilings to create a unique look, using as wainscoting on walls, or building a tiki bar or other tropical-themed furniture.
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Product Highlights:

  • Fire straightened & Termite Resistant

  • Durable, flexible panels

  • Internally threaded galvanized steel wire

  • Natural top caps prevent moisture from accumulating

  • Most fences available in two sizes: 4’ x 8’ and 6’ x 8’

Railings Innovative Aluminum

When looking at railing products to compliment our decking choices, we wanted to make sure that we had something to offer that would help capture the best vistas for your home. That train of thought led us to a small British Columbia company called Innovative Aluminum Systems, Inc. This group of true craftsman are known for their exceptional quality, simplicity, clean lines and precision

IAS just recently added a new finishing facility to their operations, completely closing their production circle and offering ultimate quality control. The Urbanata showroom has the Glass and Topless railing systems installed and on display. Call us for more detials // 206.267.1737


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