Eco Balanza

EcoBalanza believes you should not have to sacrifice the environment or your health to have a beautiful home. With EcoBalanza’s eco-friendly sofas, you can have it all. They independently manages all aspects: from design to material sourcing to manufacture, to ensure the quality and integrity of every piece their artisans create. EcoBalanza’s commitment to sustainability is more than just lip service. They work with a network of local family-owned farmers, responsible suppliers, and socially conscious manufacturers to ensure they source the highest quality natural materials while supporting their local community. EcoBalanza strives to build relationships with socially and environmentally responsible global partners to source materials not available locally.
You CAN have a beautiful, balanced, and healthy home. You CAN go big on quality, comfort, and style while keeping your footprint small. Their custom manufacturing allows you to choose every aspect of the piece you desire, but when it comes to comfort, design, sustainability, and safety, we don't think you should have to choose.

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4100 4th Avenue South,

Seattle, WA 98134

Phone. 206-267-1737

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