Arestal Designs

Once a upon a time a “Country Girl” left her home in Kansas and moved to the City. This “Country Girl” fit in quite well in the City, some might say better than she ever did in the Country and so she quickly became a “City Girl”. She absorbed its culture, its fashion, its architecture and its educational opportunities.“City Girl” started her own company, designing and manufacturing eco-friendly countertops and did that for almost ten years, loving every minute of it. She traveled all around the U.S., talking about recycling, local economies and innovative manufacturing and product design techniques that she learned in the City. Then one day all of a sudden, “City Girl” found herself back in the Country once again, reflecting on what to do during the next chapter in her life. This time, many years later, she saw the Country in a different way and was soon inspired. Conveying her City experiences, she designed a whole new line of eco-friendly products and created a new company to pay homage to her Country roots and to usher in her new City/Country way of life.

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Seattle, WA 98134

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