Who We Are

Urbanata is a design showroom of home improvement and remodeling products for a contemporary, urban modern design aesthetic. While tailored for architects, designers and their clientele, the public showroom combines the best of Europe with leading-edge Northwest and US-based companies, interweaving both modestly-priced items with luxury home improvement products.

Urbanata : Noun [ER-BUHN-AH-TAH]

1) A unique product design gallery reflecting urban influences

2) A collection of high-quality and stylish home improvement products for the sustainable urban home design showroom center that can be paired with related design and installation services.

See also: Exclusive; modern; hip; in.


4100 4th Avenue South,

Seattle, WA 98134

Phone. 206-267-1737

Fax. 206-299-3919

Email. info@urbanata.com